The Most Profitable Mining Platform: Ice Rock Mining

Ice Rock Mining platform thinks that Bitcoin has a significant and a long role in the new monetary system that is being created.  This platform brings Bitcoin mining to the investment world. With a team of 12, ranging from programmers and developers: strive to provide an attractive and stable investment in the Blockchain space.

Ice Rock’s mining facility is in a former soviet military bunker which is located in a countryside village outside Almaty, Kazakhstan; whose temperature is constant at 12 degree Celsius. It aims to scale in mining businesses and raise capital. Their ROI to investors is over 200% per year, with current hashrates. ROI could increase if the price of Bitcoin increases. Its location plays a big role in reducing the cost of energy. The mining facility is itself owned by Ice Rock’s CEO Malik Murzashev which results in no mortgage and no rent to pay at all, clearing most of the expenses. For those who consider their own mining operation, this platform provides them with similar returns without any headache of operation.

The key advantage of having a location in the mountain in the countryside for mining is that they receive agricultural subsidy for electricity. The capital cost for mining Cryptocurrency is reduced by 25%, making it more economical and efficient.

The advantage of investing in this ICO is that it provides to a lifetime profit through its dividend distribution of 20%, which comes along an opportunity to gain multiples of your investment.




How to calculate, what is the amount you receive, your monthly income and Details of bonuses can be calculated with the calculator provided on the site of ICE ROCK. For calculator (click here)…





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Final opinion:-

The name of the token of this ICO is ROCK2.

Price is said to begin from 1USD which isn’t a bad deal at all.

Located in Kazakhstan provides this ICO the best quality of all worlds by providing it with free electricity, Zero rent and great backup in terms of the wonderful team and service. Hence, the returns must turn to be fabulous for its investors.