SAIFU ICO analysis

SAIFU ICO is known to change the Financial Landscape that is powered by Blockchain technology based in Czech Republic.

Alexander Legoshin (Co-Founder) and Evgeny Vigovsky (COO & CTO, co-founder) got together in 2016. They shared common interest in providing the world a company that would make cryptocurrencies mainstream. The first main objective that the company achieved was to acquire a payment institution icense and they started building a technology that is secure for storing cryptocurrencies.

For those people who find buying cryptocurrencies difficult, to use cryptocurrencies for everyday financial transactions or if someone finds it hard to keep cryptocurrencies safe; comes SAIFU ICO for the rescue.



SAIFU ICO is a licensed financial institution that provides an experience of using online banking which is traditional. It is useful for people who want to use cryptocurrencies side-by-side with fiat currencies.


Key Aspects:

  • It provides Exchange services.
  • Security that is equivalent to bank’s security.
  • IBAN accounts for all currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Provides secure storage services for storing cryptocurrencies.
  • Transfer through wire.
  • Payment services.
  • It Provides business accounts to companies that seek to operate using fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.


It has a mobile as well as desktop interface through which customers can easily top up using cards or bank accounts, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, can make payments using fiat currencies and transfer currencies.


SAIFU mobile tutorial:


SAIFU desktop tutorial:

RoadMap and WhitePaper:

For issuance of tokens Saifu has written a smart contract as its whitepaper says. The list of key milestones is huge. To have a look of the white paper and roadmap (click here)…




Final Opinion:

There are a lot of ICOs in the market but it depends on who moves from concept to reality.

SAIFU makes it easier and safer for consumers, businesses and banks to buy, use and store cryptocurrencies. It provides one account for all the currencies and cryptoassets. Its services are easy to use, regulated and secure so that customers need not have any special skills.

SAIFU has a license and is monitored by external regulators.

It can be useful for governments too, as it offers accounts (not wallets) that offers Anti Money Laundering (AML) feature which can help reducing bank frauds, scams, gambling and illegal use of Bitcoin.

There are a lot of great qualities that this ICO has and may become the reason to invest but to invest or not is one’s own decision as along with bright side there come downsides too. So study this ICO’s whitepaper completely before investing.