Analysis: Decentralized Data MarketPlace

RepuX is an Ethereum– backed and Blockchain based platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on business solutions via data sharing. In simple words corporate and user data can be exchanged between different parties and therefore monetized. The data will be encrypted and distributed securely across the globe using IPFS. SMEs often don’t know how to optimally utilize the data in order to make impactful business operations decisions and lack the resources needed to implement them. RepuX allows SMEs to sell data to developers who can then use the data to create DAPPS, which can then be sold back to SMEs to grow and scale their businesses. Reputation scores are determined by the purchasers, which keeps the data sellers honest.


RepuX combines multiple decentralized technologies to produce a decentralized buying and selling point for data and information.



Below are the milestones that have been accomplished and that are yet to be achieved.

JULY 2017

$400,000 Seed funding



On-board advisors from the industry



RepuX Foundation established



Major distribution announcement via partners
Code audit
Speaking at Blockchain Expo



RepuX Protocol Live
Attending Blockshow Asia


MARCH 2018

Token sale


APRIL 2018

Token sale audit


MAY 2018

RepuX Protocol open for developers


JUNE 2018

RepuX Platform Allowing for Decentralised Enterprise Applications


Reasons why you should consider RepuX?


1.Working product & 3 pilot companies:

The marketplace is live unlike most token sales that launch with just a whitepaper! The companies represent a reach of millions of SMEs.


 2. HUGE market:

According to the World Economic Forum, SMEs represent over 95% of firms, account for 70% of employment and contribute 53% of GDP globally.



 3. Solving a real problem:

Per the Harvard Business Review, individually, most SMEs don’t have enough data or expertise to take advantage of AI. A marketplace like Repux helps them better compete with the big boys


4. Strong partnership in China:

The Economist also stated that China is leapfrogging the US in AI due to its 4x larger population that produces much more mobile data. Repux could become to data what Alibaba is to commerce.



5. ‘Winner Take Most Effects’:

Marketplaces like Repux tend to have winner take most/all effects so founders and early adopters can capture a good chunk of the value created. We have a head start!



White paper:

RepuX white paper consists of all the necessary details and clears all the doubts about what this ICO is made for including the roadmap. For more info, click on the link (white paper).




Final opinion-

This direct and rapid value transfer through the RepuX token will eliminate the need for middlemen and intermediaries across multiple industries. With machine learning, big data and AI becoming more reliant on large-scale aggregate data, RepuX is well poised to take advantage of this and drive innovation in these respective fields.

Token type: ERC20

Ticker: REPUX

Team from Poland,

Unsold tokens will be burned,

Registered company   REPUX LTD, BELIZE