JoyToken Analysis

As this is the beginning of the era of Cryptoworld, there are many projects based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts which seek to benefit all human beings. Finally, a new online gambling Cryptocurrency that is trusted globally:


JoyToken backed by Node Capital, Sister Company to Huobi (3rd Largest Crypto-exchange in the world) is one of the new ways to play online casino in this decade. Anyone can bet using their computer, without having to go anywhere. It is a big advantage for the casino since they don’t have to spend on an infrastructure or a very luxurious building to generate a good confidence to their clients. The only work they have to do is publicity so that their website is known online and will have to gain public’s trust since there are a lot of other sites that are a scam.

Joy Gaming is a solution for all the common problems that exist in online gambling platforms. This block-based technology allows developers to create games that run on their back-end through an intelligent contract, instead of running directly on the blockchain.

Joytoken is currently in its ICO stage whose aim is to be an Online Casino where both the game developers and the people who bet will benefit. The player can verify in the chain of blocks that the developer executes the game exactly as it says.

The player who bets is kept totally anonymous and the payments are received directly to their bank accounts. This reduces the headache of frauds as well. Anonymity and total Transparency; all of which is delivered through Blockchain Technology.

JoyToken uses decentralized Autonomous Agents (Smart Contracts) to safely guarantee, record and audit.



Still wondering why it’s worth participating in JoyToken?

  • JoyTokens token sales follows the best practices this includes strict KYC/AML Standards in accordance with Belize Laws, multi sig wallet of which 2 keys are held by independent corporate services and legal firm, foundation that issues out token funds in timed periods, founder tokens are vested over a 2 year period.
  • The global online gambling market is around 50 billion dollars and our decentralized ecosystem of developers, players, operators and regulators will lead this market for years to come.
  • Starting in January 2018, JoyTokens can be utilized for gaming purposes.






click the image below to know more about the Roadmap:



White paper:

To have a look of JoyToken’s white paper (click here)…



Final opinion:

With a futuristic approach as mentioned in its Roadmap and White paper it’s obvious that JoyToken will turn out to be a token which is best for both, the developers and the players/users. Its KYC feature gains trust of everyone. The development team is wonderful with which they will touch new heights.

JoyTokens will be available for purchase on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.