Gizer token and ICO for Gamers Explained

Attention gamers! We present you details of an all new ICO named Gizer (GZR) that is also said to be the Global Gaming Network. Gizer uses both decentralized and centralized technology to achieve a responsive user experience. The users receive full ownership rights over their tokens and in-game items.

In easy words Gizer is a mobile eSports platform and Social marketplace that fills the gap between the entire gaming community – Gamers, Hosts, Businesses, venues and Freelance Services.


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, The Gizer platform uses ERC-20 token and ERC-721 non-fungible token, in order to maintain compatibility with 3rd party apps like, and other Ethereum blockchain interface providers.


GZR Token:

The Gizer token is an Ethereum smart contract commonly known as an ERC-20 token that allows GZR holders the ability to transfer ownership, hold ownership, Generate Gizer tokens and grant another individual the right to transfer the token on their behalf.

If a user wants to initiate the transaction, they gotta start by what is referred to as opening a treasure on the Gizer platform.  The treasure has defined probabilities of collecting a randomized Gizer item. The item can be seen on

When Gizer item is generated, the GZR used to initiate the transaction is removed from the balance as it is considered spent.


Token Sale Information:

Total GZR supply: 10,000,000

Tokens released: 8,000,000

Tokens reserved: 2,000,000

Token Price: 1,000 GZR : 1 ETH


White paper and Roadmap:                                                                                  

Beginning from GZR Token sale to Application localization in many languages GZR’s roadmap shows that its team has a lot of work to do within a short span of time with a brilliant list of managed targets to achieve.

Click here for more on White paper and Roadmap.


Final opinion:-

This ICO is related to the people interested in gaming platforms. It’s a good ICO with a great team and efforts but to invest or not is one’s own decision.