First BlockChain School to open in Moscow, Russia

Blockchain School is going to be set up in Moscow starting the next month.

The school will be located in Phystechpark, which is one of the most important tech hubs for capital and business development in the country. It is also known as the Silicon Valley in the country. The Blockchain School is set to offer studies on the technical aspects of the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum’s CEO Vitalik Buterin is set to act as the chief project consultant.

The First class will be offered on March 1st, 2018 and the students will be taught how to develop Ethereum based applications. They will learn architecture and organization of Blockchain networks.

The program is said to last for one semester and it will be designed by Moscow School of programmers. Moscow will be the home to the first Cryptocurrency School in Russia.

Russia has been a country that as produced famous experts in the cryptoworld like Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder and Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, who wants to create the biggest Initial Coin Offering linked to its platform.

The country seems very interested in the technology. As per reports the country may soon launch its own Cryptocurrency known as the “cryptoruble” and has opened two crypto agencies in Vladivostok.

A press release from Osnova, the holding behind Phystechpark, stated:

“On February 12, the Moscow School of Programmers and the Metropolitan IT hub Phystechpark signed an agreement to launch the training course ‘Introduction to Application Development on Ethereum Blockchain’.”

Final Opinion:

Demand for workers with blockchain skills is growing; the schools and universities providing blockchain related courses are growing all over the world.

Those who turn out to be the best will have plenty of opportunities to train people at tech companies around Phystechpark, and later on, they will land very high paying jobs.

This Blockchain School initiative shows how serious Russia is to be ahead of the world and they are investing resources to try and understand the technology and find as many solutions for the tech as possible.