Dogecoin to help Ethereum and will Hardfork later this year.

The most underestimated Cryptocurrency made after a dog meme proves it’s none less than others.

Created in 2013, Dogecoin chose not to be simply around and played a crucial role in an experiment that successfully showcased one of Ethereum’s more enterprising projects.

On Feb 5, Truebit sent Dogecoin to Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet, where it became a distinct asset on that blockchain. A year long project that is seen as a stepping stone towards the interoperability of crypto assets was completed using Doge. The test was nicknamed the “Dogethereum Bridge” which also marked the release of Truebit, which aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability issue.

Ethereum requires more than three times as much data as Bitcoin because stores all the data in its globally distributed database which isn’t big enough making it more difficult for users to run.  In short, the smart contract platform can’t support many users right now.

Ethereum is said to be more than just a financial Cryptocurrency. Hence, Truebit is designed to scale any type of Ethereum computation, rather than just transactions. Unlike other scaling solutions like Raiden and Sharding, Truebit is lesser-known yet.

In the long run, Truebit wants to scale video, machine learning or just about any computation you can think of, and Dogethereum is the first use case, so far.

Truebit co-founder Jason Teutsch:

“We built a first version of that, which we’re calling ‘Truebit lite.’ It demonstrates that all the core pieces of Truebit work. It’s a big milestone for us.

Final words:

Dogethereum (DOGX) is looking to branch off from the Dogeoin chain. This means Dogecoin will first ever hardfork to Dogethereum later this year.